The Beginning of This...

Crystal Cove in Orange County, CA. 2014

Crystal Cove in Orange County, CA. 2014

It’s been a long time coming that I’ve needed to write like this. All too often I have thoughts bursting at the seams in my head, and relying on pen-and-paper seems more arduous than like a release (though I do love a good journaling session).

Lately, I find myself inspired by women who choose to control and document the narratives of their lives; who make the decision to journey through life by fully interacting with both the good and the bad, and subsequently sharing their experiences publicly. I read their stories and find myself feeling mentally, emotionally, spiritually closer to these women than some people in my physical life. In recent years I’ve felt I have so much to share from my own journey with life, but have hidden under the guise of ‘I’m not old enough to have acquired wisdom that people would appreciate’. Well, we all know life is too fleeting to squander opportunities to realize our dreams, so I say ‘why not?’. There will always be at least one person who could be moved through the way I represent life. Irrespective of my age, I’ve experienced enough life thus far to have something to say about how to live sensationally. So here I am, sharing my truths and my world on the internet, in the hopes that maybe someone, somewhere, at some point in time will resonate with something I have experienced - or something I have to say.

Life is full of wonder and surprise, and also laden with monotony and routine. I think it's about your outlook. And this outlook can change within the span of weeks to years, I've learned - but change seldom happens without a catalyst. I remember those times when I worked twelve-hour days and questioned why my work gave me little more feeling than toasted bread; I knew I was missing something crucial. What I was sure I was missing wasn't going to magically appear come year five at the same company, doing the same type of work. I had to seek my fulfillment. I also remember times thereafter when I would trek across busy European streets, just me and my melanin, searching for a frothy cappuccino and a vibrant place to people-watch. These are the instances that fill my soul - that make me a true wanderer. Because, then, not only does my life become more vivid, so do my dreams.

As much as I believe God has a plan for each one of us, I also believe he gives us the tools to build ourselves and others, as well as take steps to actualize all that we thought was the fluffy stuff reserved for Rapid Eye Movement. That said, I think it’s up to us to take control of our lives and live in a way that feels right to us.

My simple goal for this blog is to touch others while solidifying my sense of self, as much as that may change throughout time.


Happy reading. (: