8 Affirmations that Changed Me

Photo from  nappy

Photo from nappy

I am in yet another period of transition (which I am happy about), but sometimes these transitions can come with stress and that feeling of a loss of control. Along with transitioning, throughout the past several months I've come to understand myself quite a bit via many accumulated days of alone time. I didn't know it at the start, but there was a lot of work I needed to do emotionally and psychologically. I'm sure we all know that identifying an issue is only the beginning of healing of any kind. So, I've since delved deeply into journaling as well as prioritized my self-care practices far more.

Another practice I've undertaken is using affirmations to maintain my mental and emotional stability. As a person who self-identifies as "intense" I know how important it is for me to keep my emotions in check and my head on straight, in general and specifically during times of transition. The following eight affirmations have helped me do just that, so I wanted to share them with you:


1. Everything you're doing is important

In an effort to continue to be intentional with my actions, I use this affirmation to keep me present and mindful. It's all too easy to get sucked into the busyness of life and completely miss intimate connections, genuine human interactions, or simply enjoy the journey of any part of life I'm going through: from toning my face, to drafting a blog post, to having a conversation with a friend. I don't really want to miss any of this.


2. You can do this

This might be the single source of my self-motivation. I tell myself that I can accomplish whatever is in front of me. It's not always easy, but I believe that I am truly capable of whatever God put's on my plate, otherwise, why would it be there initially? Usually this affirmation sits between two deep breaths and a *woosah* hand motion for good measure. :)


3. Calm down; it's not that deep

This affirmation is used to bring me back from the brink of getting lost in the sauce of life; of not only drinking the Koolaid, but going back for 2nd and 3rd helpings. I try not to always take myself too seriously, but I do take my impact on the world seriously, and sometimes I can get caught up in the work and the hustle, which leads to suboptimal stress. And sometimes when I feel really, really good about about something I've produced, I can be found sipping my own Koolaid from a wine glass. I have no chill, haha. This is where I need to humble myself with this affirmation. It really works for me.


4. Love surrounds you, everywhere!

There are times when my outlook gets murky and self-pity sets in. I try not to let that feeling overstay its welcome, so this affirmation is my remedy. There are so many different types of love we experience throughout the course of our lives, but it can be hard to see that sometimes. I have a sticky note with this affirmation stuck to my fridge right in my line-of-sight (I'm always in there, haha) so I can see this and remember that no matter how lonely I feel, there is always some type of love around me: God's love, self-love, family love from afar, the love of my students... these are important to remember.


5. Just breathe

Ever release a deep breath you didn't realize you were holding for longer than you should have been? I can personally speak about the calming benefits of deep breathing as a technique to help me sleep better, as well as a method to help clear my mind when it is just running like a headless chicken. I'll be honest, sometimes even between thoughts, I have to take a deep breath. Do you ever do this? Does it seem to center you as well?


6. What's yours will be yours

This one may indeed be the most difficult affirmation for me to incorporate, but that doesn't stop me from trying! I believe it 100%, so that's not my issue. It's just that my desire for the 'thing' and my wish for control + stability in my life don't always let this affirmation play out. I will say, since I've started saying this, I've become a bit less anxious. I have a way to go, though.


7. Everything happens for a reason

Similar to the previous affirmation, this one here speaks to things out of our control, but represents the bad and the ugly, too. Maybe we won't know the reasons behind everything - maybe we will never be able to articulate them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. This affirmation gives me solace and the closure I sometimes need in situations I just cannot make sense of.


8. Give good, get good

It's kind of like that golden rule, right? Treat others how you'd want to be treated. This right here is karma, law of attraction, and manifestation all rolled up into a delicious brownie ball dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with an assortment of nuts. I know living by this certainly isn't always easy, but it sure does pay off in the long run with more adherence.


What are a few of your top affirmations or mantras that keep you positive, motivated, or your head on straight?